what you eat to skin damage

stop hurting your skin To keep your skin healthy and help you not be sensitive ผิวแพ้ง่าย Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? If you eat good things that benefit the body It will reward you by giving you something good. in maintenance strengthen your body But if you eat something that is useless It will harm your body in the opposite way.

So does the delicate and delicate skin. for clear skin Free from wrinkles and bruises revive you again Today, let’s take a look at some of the bad foods that can ruin your pretty face … know and throw away the idea of ​​eating it!

Although there are a variety of foods that make your skin beautiful. and good health But that doesn’t mean Most of the food is always good for the body. Food that is harmful to eat is more harmful than beneficial. It can lurk under the beautiful fragrance, beautiful colors, along with the delicious appearance that we must accidentally taste, accidentally eat, and accidentally cause toxins to enter the body.

What does narcissist mean before putting something in his mouth Let’s take a look at whether those foods are good or worse.

Caffeine: The culprit that dehydrates the skin as if it were dehydrated. The more caffeinated coffee you drink. The more you give your skin a chance. or tendency to crack, dry, flaky, look dull, not very bright only It also causes wrinkles easily due to lack of flexibility in the skin. which may not see immediate results but will be accumulated in every The day you drank caffeine I don’t believe it…you look in the mirror!

In the event that you absolutely cannot stop drinking coffee. but for better skin health It looks moist as if it has been well nourished. Try switching to no more than two cups of coffee or tea a day is enough. Or if you want to refresh in the afternoon, relieve sleepiness, turn to drink cold water. Or citrus juices instead of some coffee. sour lemon juice It can wake you up too.

Coffee lovers will be startled. Because every morning we are used to drinking coffee in order to wake up fully. But think for a moment before you drink. Because if caffeine is given in large quantities. As a result, the skin is dehydrated and dehydrated. causing the skin to crack and wrinkles, including wrinkles

Ready-made meat : Because of its ease and convenience, it makes us accidentally eat ready-made sausages, hams, and badon. In these meats there is a certain amount of salt. to absorb the moisturizer that moisturizes the skin make the skin wrinkled and have wrinkles

Fried food: the crispier it is, the more delicious it is, but the more it hurts our body as well. Because there are trans fats in the fried food. which is a fat that is harmful to the body that will cause the circulatory system to have problems The more accumulated in the body It makes you fat and also results in dull skin. The skin is also damaged. and eating a lot of fried food The more the sebaceous glands. produce more oil There is a chance of getting acne more easily as well.

Salt: Eating very salty food results in disorders of kidney function and blood pressure. and can also cause edema

Sugar, Margarine : The hero of acne, pimples, wrinkles, redness and inflammation of acne as you would not expect. Not only are these two things already accelerating you fatter and raising your blood sugar. but also a beautiful face Your face is disfigured with lots of pimples and rashes. The more margarine you like to spread on your bread. It is classified as a bad fat that gives only oiliness. You should avoid it as much as you can. because it has almost no nutrients

If you want to eat delicious bread It is advisable to opt for butter made from whole grains instead, such as sunflower seeds, as sunflower seeds are a great source of healthy vitamins. As for the sugar, eat it but it’s less, it’s mellow and good. Just control the amount you consume, not too much is fine.

For women (addicted) to being too sweet, they need to be reduced to some extent because the sugar will destroy collagen. and elastin that keeps the skin moist is reduced As a result, our skin is dull and not bright. And also cause wrinkles to follow easily as well.

If you are looking for a skincare product, you can try Naked & Thriving. It contains Sugar glycolic acid may help remove dead skin cells, protect your skin from aging signs, and give you a youthful glow.

Eating healthy food also affects our skin. But some healthy foods, if you’re allergic to them or overeat them, can also hurt you. Try to notice your symptoms and reduce and stop eating foods that destroy your skin and let’s see the results that happen to your face. For more information visit this site:  f95zone

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