What is a Realistic Budget for a Wedding in the UK?

Are you planning to tie the marital knot with your dream partner? However, hosting a wedding party needs a proper plan. You have to make every decision cautiously to make your wedding ceremony successful. The biggest concern is to create a budget for your wedding event. The most important thing is to make the budget realistic. How much can you invest in the party and different rituals for the ceremony? An event for a wedding might cost up to $20,000 on average. However, the price could change according to the venue type, how many people are attending, and your particular preferences.

Crafting a realistic budget for your wedding party

Many newly married couples claim that it is challenging to create a proper wedding budget. So, how will you avoid overspending as a host of the wedding party? Your ultimate aim must be to create a budget upfront and ensure its accuracy.

Determine your spending limit before planning the wedding event. For instance, you can afford $15,000 for your wedding, and you have 10 months to make this fund ready for the event. However, your current wedding fund is only $2,000. So, you have to save $1,300 every month to achieve your goal. Focus on your monthly earnings to create the most realistic wedding budget. You may also try to boost your monthly earnings to save more money.

Budget breakdown for your wedding party

You should allocate some percentages of your budget to different arrangements for the wedding event.

Catering and wedding venue

Between 40% and 50% of your budget will be for the venue and food/drinks for the guests. Venue rentals are available at different costs. Peckham’s charming wedding venue is one of the best choices for couples who are planning their nuptial events.

The catering team will charge an amount for rentals like linens, flatware, and stemware. You will also need to pay for bartending services if you have arranged alcoholic drinks for the guests.

Rituals for the ceremony

You can save a chunk of your budget for the marriage license and any decor. You may also consider having rental audio systems for the party. If you want to hire cocktail-hour musicians or a live music band, you should have a higher budget. It is also essential to buy some items needed for the main wedding ceremony. So, you should focus on these essentials to make your budget.

Budget for videography and photography

You can book photographers and videographers for snapping photos of your event. During your consultation with these professionals, you have to ask them to give an estimate. Try to look for the most efficient and trusted photographers who provide the best services at a reasonable cost.

Wedding attires

Most couples are concerned about their wedding-day looks. They should have a budget for buying a premium-quality wedding dress and accessories. Their hairstylists and makeup specialists will charge an amount for their services.

So, these factors are relevant to couples who are creating their wedding event’s budget in the UK.

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