What are the 33 advantages and benefits of cannabis oil?

Hemp oil or cannabis oil can be extracted; the primary chemical is cannabidiol, also known as cbd öl, which has gained more praise and research because of its beneficial effects on our health. Does not cause motion sickness or drift when exposed to water. The substance THC will cause symptoms of Hight shellfish or cause motion sickness.

Cannabis has been recognized as a medicinal herb for many diseases since ancient times. But it was limited to a medicinal plant only a few decades ago, but now it has been accepted that it has many medicinal properties d8 superstore.

Benefits of hemp oil 

  1. Hemp oil can stop the spread of cancer and eliminate cancer cells. Without harming or damaging normal cells
  2. Hemp oil can cure glaucoma
  3. Hemp oil can prevent Alzheimer’s
  4. Hemp oil can help reduce inflammation
  5. Cannabis oil can control and cure wind Seizures
  6. Hemp oil can reduce the pain of multiple sclerosis.
  7. Hemp oil can cure Crohn’s Disease, a chronic disorder of the large intestine
  8. Cannabis oil can help control and treat Parkinson’s
  9. cbd öl can reduce anxiety.
  10. Hemp oil can help inhibit the formation of carcinogens and improve lung health.
  11. Hemp oil can reduce the pain of chemotherapy.
  12. Hemp oil can improve symptoms of lupus or SLE (pustular disease)
  13. Hemp oil can help protect the brain from stroke damage
  14. Hemp oil can control muscle spasms
  15. Oil Cannabis can cure inflammatory bowel disease
  16. Hemp oil can help get rid of nightmares
  17. Hemp oil can protect the brain from concussions and injuries
  18. Hemp oil can improve appetite
  19. Hemp oil can help dilate the trachea and reduce contractions. of the trachea
  20. Hemp oil can cure dysentery, stomachache, and diarrhea
  21. Hemp oil can help relieve menstrual irregularities in women
  22. Hemp oil can cure eczema, and eczema
  23. Hemp oil can cure migraine headaches
  24. Hemp oil Help treat blockages of blood vessels in the brain.
  25. Hemp oil can help treat severe drug addiction like heroin

. 26. Hemp oil can lower blood sugar and blood pressure. (Cure diabetes)

  1. Hemp oil can help heal fresh wounds. Wounds that are difficult to heal from diabetes 29. Hemp oil can help people with HIV or AIDS live better. 30. Hemp oil can help prevent cirrhosis

28. Hemp oil can help relieve pain in muscles and tendons

29.Hemp oil can help heal broken bones faster. It also makes your bones stronger.

30cbd öl can help reduce the risk of damage to both the body’s nerves and brain connections.

Marijuana/hemp has transcended Thai traditional medicine into empirical medicine.”

Magical medicinal cannabis, a gift from heaven to people of South Asia, including Thailand, almost fell to the patent of Westerners whose medical development is more advanced than ours. I hope that the Department of Intellectual Property will consider the patent application carefully, not contrary to the law and, most importantly, not contrary to the feelings of the Thai people. The Ministry of Public Health must expand research, development, and production to meet the needs of the Thai people. Therefore, there should be a link between research and development with the private sector. Because the amount that must be produced at present exceeds the capacity of the original agency Today, a teacher who has been using marijuana to treat cancer for a long time does not have to hide and can also develop further into empirical medicine according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health .

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