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While Netflix and Hulu Plus are the most well-known streaming services, Vudu stands apart from them in several ways. The former offers new episodes the day after they air on TV, while the latter makes viewers wait for new content to appear on the site. In addition to streaming popular movies, Vudu offers bundle packs of similar titles, which are often available near checkout counters and in electronics departments. These bundles are perfect for movie buffs who are looking for a gift idea.

To make the most of Vudu’s library, users simply need to sign up and sign in to the website. They will then be able to browse the library by clicking on the Free tab. While some content is free, others is not. Moreover, there are many titles available for free, and you can even find free-to-watch ones. There are thousands of titles in different formats to choose from, ranging from SD to HDX to UHD.

A Vudu account is free and requires no monthly subscription fee. Besides, you can immediately start watching free content. However, the paid content is based on case-by-case basis. The rental fee can range from $1 to $6, and purchasing a movie or TV show can cost you up to $20. So if you’re looking for a way to watch free content, you should give Vudu a try.

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