Top Engagement Rings – Make Your Selection Based On What Really Matters

Do you have your heart set on that special diamond engagement ring but feel that you are not sure how to find it? Well, just relax. There are several ways in which you can be sure that you will have an amazing engagement ring – even if you were the least bit bored! Yes, that is right: boredom can actually be a good friend when it comes to finding that diamond engagement ring that just is right for your beloved.


Now, let us start with the most popular engagement ring styles. The one that has always been at the top of the list is the classic, traditional engagement ring. And what’s more traditional than a white gold solitaire engagement ring? Just ask any woman who has ever proposed to her dream man and she will definitely tell you that white gold solitaire engagement rings are the style of modern day women. Yes, you do not need to compromise on your engagement ring because of the economy – in fact, you should cut to the chase and reveal you top picks for the most popular engagement ring styles today.

Classic solitaire cut

Another very popular style is the classic solitaire cut. This one is a very classic piece that never goes out of style. The classic solitaire engagement ring has always been a favorite of women worldwide. A simple gold band with one or two smaller gemstones is all you need to complete this classic style.

Platinum ring

The next top diamond engagement ring style on the market today is the platinum ring. Some prefer platinum over gold because of the hardness of platinum. While other women prefer the beauty and durability of diamonds over platinum. The nice thing about choosing platinum over diamonds is that the two can match up perfectly. Diamonds can be hard to look at sometimes and when put with platinum, they become much more glamorous looking.

Pear shaped rings

Pear shaped diamonds or vintage rings are also making a comeback. It was not too long ago that these rings were seen as outdated and unattractive. But times have changed and women have started to appreciate this timeless cut. Pear shaped stones can look stunning in rings whether big or small. These vintage rings are made of different types of gemstones such as amethyst, Emerald and Peridot which are very popular nowadays. You can buy vintage rings from Carus Jewellery.

Semi precious stones 

You can also have unique design engagement rings by using semi precious stones such as diamonds. Diamonds are timeless and will never go out of style. A diamond solitaire ring is a great choice for your special someone. With so many styles and shapes to choose from, it is no wonder why diamonds are the most popular gemstone choice for engagement rings today. Whether you go with white gold, yellow gold or silver, having diamonds set into your rings will make it stand out and make a statement about who you are as a couple.


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