Top 6 Student-Friendly Supermarkets In The UK & Why?

Moving to a different place for studies is daunting. You have to manage a home without an adult’s help. But, to successfully do so, you should have a few affordable places for shopping.

One day you are a high school student who lives with their parents and has everything managed, and the next day you wake up to become a college student who has to do everything on their own.

One of the hardest adjustments you have to make when you leave home to live elsewhere is about food and buying necessary items.

Every place has its supermarkets, and mostly those supermarkets are student-friendly. So, if you are willing to put some extra effort into walking to a student-friendly supermarket in the UK, then we are happy to provide you with the top 6 supermarkets that students can shop.

Time to look at the list of the six best supermarkets for students in the UK.


Aldi has more than 800 stores across the UK. They have daily promotions on various items that are soon to be expired; those items are placed on one shelf near the counter. Another fantastic thing about Aldi is that they offer a vegetable and fruit box called ‘Super 6’, which means you can get various fruits and veggies at surprisingly low rates. So, maybe you can buy one bag of baby cabbage for 80p. They also hold weekly offers called ‘Super Weekly Offers’ in which the items are further on sale. So, for example, you can buy sirloin steak for £5. Without a doubt, the most affordable assignment help online that guides students toward academic success with high quality is assignment writing services uk.


Tesco is one of the most popular stores in the UK. Two kinds of Tesco(s) are there; Tesco and Tesco Express. Tesco express outlets are small than Tesco. Therefore, they are open from 6 am till midnight. You can buy cheap and ready-made meals from Tesco Express. They also have a £3 dinnertime deal which gets you a combo of drink, salad, sandwich and snack. You can also register for their Club card, which gets points whenever you shop at Tesco. Once you reach a certain level, you will get good discounts. Overall, Tesco is affordable and ideal for buying food on a budget.


Morrisons is among the giant supermarket chain in many parts of the UK and is especially popular amongst international students. They have a section of imported food items from various countries. For example, Pakistani students studying in the UK might know about the Pakistani food company called Lazzat. Morrisons also offers deals called ‘more for students’, which offers an extra advantage to students if they show their student card at checkout. They also have a points system which earns you discounts. Their website helps students to pass each term with study tips and tricks.


The motto of ASDA is ‘Save Money, Live better,’ so you can imagine how good this supermarket will be for students. They religiously stick to their motto, which is why most of their products are cheaper than their competitors. The promotion aisles they put up are known as ‘Roll Backs’ because it offers reduced prices. The store’s website has a separate page for Rollbacks there. They put up amazing deals at super low prices. There they offer hundreds of products from various big brands. So at Asda, you can buy more food and essentials for less money. Similarly, dissertation experts can provide you with the flawless dissertation writing services uk to ensure that your writing is done perfectly.


Sainsbury’s is also student-friendly because of its membership card. They offer Nectar Card to their customers, which rewards them for shopping with Sainsbury’s. You get a Nectar point for every pound you spend. And once you reach 500 points, you can redeem them or shop with them. Sainsbury’s also has prepared food deals like Aldi and Tesco. They also offer a sandwich, a drink, and a snack of your choice.


If one supermarket doesn’t leave the list of cheapest supermarkets, it’s Lidl. Lidl is a German supermarket chain with more than 600 stores across the UK. They have a variety of brands along with German brands. Like all other superstores, Lidl also holds daily promotions where you could easily get 50% off on essentials and food items. Their advertisements are on things expiring soon like meat, eggs, ready-made food, fruits, veggies, etc. Another fantastic thing about Lidl is that they have a £1.5 offer called ‘Too good to waste” this offer is for a box of veggies that got damaged while transportation but are perfect for eating.


Hopefully, this list of student-friendly supermarkets will make the new chapter of your life a bit easier and more fun. Now that you know about the cheapest yet amazing stores for doing your grocery, you won’t feel lost or worried about managing your life with your studies.

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