Tips to remember if appearing for IELTS

The full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System and this is a globally accepted English proficiency test. Almost everyone who wants to go overseas needs to appear for this test. This test is important because it can help to establish the fact that one is able to speak fluently and understand well in English. This is necessary when one is applying for study in an English speaking country.

This examination can be divided into 2 types and they are Academic and General. Though they are essentially the same test, the purpose of taking the test changes a bit along with the syllabus. The academic one is taken to finish the higher studies and the general one is taken by people who want to move overseas for work purpose or for other reasons.

IELTS is divided into 4 sections and they are – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing English. One needs to prepare for each section and here are a few tips that one can follow. One can also look for IELTS classes near me if they think they need expert help to prepare for this test.


There are recordings in the test where one has to listen to  conversation in between 2 people and then answer the following questions. This can be in any accent of English and so in order to understand that one has to be familiar with all these accents. In order to prepare for that, one has to listen to a lot of audios in different accents of English like American, British and Asia. There is another recording which is a monologue on social context and one has to pay attention to get the central idea of that recording. There is a third recording as well which can be a group conversation of 4 to 5 people and one has to understand the core topic which is being discussed. So, one also needs to watch conversational videos and listen to audios to be efficient in this part. One has to listen to all these recording patiently and figure out the important part of each.


It is another crucial section where one has to answer some simple questions regarding oneself, their families, hobbies, aspirations and many more. Now, when preparing for this, one should remember that they should give prompt and elaborate answers. One also needs to talk about any topic for around 2 minutes and one needs to convey that clearly.


Here, one has to read and answer questions given on 3 long passages and one has to speed read because this examination has a time constraint. One has to make this skill better by developing the habit of reading more and more English passages and books and columns.


When given an essay one has to write them in fluent English which can convey the central idea of it. The more one practices writing, the more it becomes easier for them to write better and choose better words.

One should start preparing at least 4 months prior the examination.

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