Classic Trick to Pass Numbers of Kalyan and Main Bazar Daily

The business of Satta Matka pumps, millions if not billions, of rupees into the pockets of Matka players on a daily basis. When we zoom in to the business of Satta Matka, a bit, we find a few veterens of Satta Matka business, the contribution of which has supercharged the business of matka gambling during their lifetime and have made it reach the sky, today.

Kalyan and Main Bazar: Two Main Veterans of the Matka Gambling

Of these veterans, two of the major ones are Kalyan panel chart and the Mian Bazar chart. The contribution of both of these charts in the success of the Satta Matka is humoungous and can’t be ignored. Both Main Bazar chart and Kalyan panel chart are among the founding members of business and came into existence around 1960s. However, in the course of time, the gambling patterns and gaming option of both the panel charts has innovated majorly.

What Is The Trick Of The Day For Kalyan Panel Chart And The Main Bazar Chart?

While observing the Kalyan panel chart of the past 6 months, we have observed that

The sum of card of Kalyan panel comes as the next day ank of Main Bazar Panel Chart and the sum of the card of Main Bazar chart comes up as the next day ank of the KALYAN panel chart.

Illustration: Main Bazar Chart

Let’s say, the Jodi of the Kalyan panel of the day becomes 37 with the following results:

238 37 179

Now, as per the trick, you have to add the numbers of the opening panna

2+3+8 = 13

and the closing pannna i.e.

1+7+9 = 17


Now, in the successive step of the trick you have to add the sum both the pannas which comes as 30 with the following calucualtion:

13+17 = 30


Now, the resultant sum is a two digit number with digits 3 and 0.  When you will add both of these digits, the ank you will get is 3 which comes as the final ank of Main bazar panel for the next day.

Illustration 2: KALYAN Chart:


Let’s say the Jodi which comes up at the main bazar panel is 03 with the following result:

136 03 148

As per the above mentioned instruction, when you will add the results of opening paana, you will see that the sum which will come up after adding the number of opening panna 136 is 10

1+3+6 = 10

and the sum which will come after adding the number of the closing panna is 13

1+4+8 = 13

Now, on adding 10 and 13, as per the instruction mentioned earlier,

10+13= 23

you will get 2, 3 and 5(2+3=5) as the final ank of Kalyan panel chart for the next day.


Whenever, the card of any of the panel has 0 as Newshunttimes one of its figure then you have to consider the value of zero figures as 10.


If the paana of the draw is 140 then total sum of the panna is 1+4+10 = 15
2. Whenever, the final total of the trick has come as 30 then the one of the 30 03 35 53 jodies has come as the Jodi of the other panel on the next day.

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