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Sales Revenue Forecast for Central Personnel Agency

I like to allow room for mistakes in my forecast, so this sales forecast seems like overkill; my experience shows the overage is needed. Since it’s harder to fi nd qualifi ed people than it is to fi nd job openings, I’ll concentrate on fi nding people after I build a backlog of openings. I estimate I can fi nd about ten job openings per week.

I will allow myself two weeks to fi nd 20 job openings. After the fi rst 20, I’ll get plenty of openings by referrals and repeats. My income goal is to gross $3,000 to $4,000 per month, and I know that the average job order fi lled is worth $500 to $600 in gross fees, so fi lling only ten openings per month should give me about $5,000 to $6,000 in gross fees.

This means that to fi ll six to eight job orders per month and meet my gross income goal, I need 25 to 30 good people on fi le. Finding good people is the hard part. It takes me up to 20 interviews to fi nd one excellent person. Some of these interviews are done in a few minutes over the phone, but just the same, I allow one hour per interview. I can average fi ve to eight per day, and it will take me about 60 days of interviewing to build a base of qualifi ed people.

It takes an average of three good people sent out on interviews to fi ll one job. Of course, once I have a good person, I send that person out on every interview I can. I anticipate three months of fairly low income before I begin to reach my income goals.

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