Protecting your lungs this winter

Winter is in the air. We can barely wait for the snowflakes, the bonfires and camping by the fireplace. However, not everyone has this merry image of winters.

Our body has to endure a lot during the winter season. From the attempts at staying warm, to the cold, flu and the bouts of coughing, there are many challenges that accompany the winter season.

It is also very hard on the lungs. The cold can make breathing, especially for those suffering from conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), very hard. In such patients, cold air can lead to spasms in the lungs.

Similarly, asthmatic patients also have a hard time dealing with winters. They have tough time breathing and might also have to suffer from wheezing and coughing as well, thus needing a visit then to the top Pulmonologist.

Protecting your lungs in winter

In order to sustain their health, people must protect their lungs in the winter season. Following are some helpful tips:

Wear protective gear

This may seem like an obvious enough assumption, but not everyone dresses smartly in the winters. It is pertinent that fashion be not prioritized over your health. Similarly, it is also vital that you wear sufficient layers.  As they help in trapping air, which is an insulator, therefore layers facilitate in keeping warm.

There are many brands that offer light and warm clothes. Therefore, rather than lugging on bulky clothes that make weigh down on your body, making breathing hard, instead, try to dress smartly.

Cover your face

Most of us are already in the habit of covering our face, due to global pandemic. But you should also cover your face in the winters to protect your lungs against the cool air.

The chilly air, when breathed in, leads to distress in the lungs, causing them to constrict and thus making breathing hard. It also then triggers bouts of coughing then.

All this can be avoided to a certain extent by wearing a face mask. The air then gets warmed a little prior to it being breathed in, so your lungs have to take less of the unyielding cool air.

Breathe via nose

It is better than during frigid winters that you breathe in via your nose rather than mouth. The route from the mouth to the lungs is shorter, so the air is colder when it reaches the lung.

Thus, when you breathe in through the nose, you allow the body to warm up the air further before it gets into the lungs.

Proper venting

It is not just the cold air that can wreak havoc on your lungs, but the heating equipment and the accompanying carbon monoxide is also hard on your lungs.

Thus, make sure that all the fireplaces, woodstoves, hearths etc. have proper ventilation. Do not use grills and camp stoves in-doors, as the smoke can then irritate the lungs. Instead, only partake in these activities when outdoors.

Focus on your health

Your body is susceptible to illnesses like pneumonia through the chilly winters. Thus, make sure that you focus on your health otherwise to keep away from these ailments.

Get your flu shots in time. Moreover, make sure that you eat well and follow good respiratory hygiene practices.

Have your medicines with you

Certain people, especially the asthmatics, are more prone to suffering from cold-associated breathing issues. You cannot predict when your lungs take a turn for the worse. Therefore, it is vital that you always keep your medication handy.

Have your Pulmonologist in Karachi draft extra prescription that you can always carry with you, so you can easily buy your medication anywhere. Similarly, keep spare inhaler in your car, office, bag, so that you always have a backup. 

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