Lab Grown Diamonds Perth

If you’re looking for lab grown diamonds Perth, you’ve come to the right place. Novita Diamonds is one of Australia’s largest sellers of lab grown diamonds. This Perth-based company has an extensive showroom where you can find the diamonds you’re interested in.

Novita Diamonds

Novita Diamonds is an Australian brand that specialises in GIA and IGI lab grown diamonds. They offer designer engagement rings and bespoke jewellery with these gem grade quality diamonds.

They are also the only company in the UK that sells lab grown diamond rings. They are committed to offering high-quality jewellery at affordable prices. The brand opened their first showroom in London’s Hatton Garden, where they have seen great success in just six months.

Novita Diamonds was founded with the mission to provide a more ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. The company specializes in handmade, bespoke engagement rings and loose cultured diamonds in all shapes and sizes.

Novita Diamonds have invested in new ground-breaking technology. It offers an exclusive range of lab-grown diamond jewellery, as well as free resizing and thebirdsworld finance options. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their jewellery.

Element Six

Element Six is a company that develops synthetic diamond supermaterials. Its products are used in cutting and polishing applications. Its scientists create near-flawless diamonds in the lab.

The company uses two techniques: chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) processes. CVD methods are better, resulting in high-quality films. However, their growth rates are slower.

The company plans to launch a fashion jewelry brand in the Fall of this year. It will be available through a dedicated online store and a series of retail partnerships.

Millennials are abandoning conventional diamonds in favor of lab-grown stones. The technology behind the process has advanced in recent years, and the diamonds look almost identical to their mined counterparts. They are also more environmentally friendly and cost half or more than mined gems.

Cullen Jewellery

When you are looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you need to go with a reputable company like Cullen Jewellery. This Perth based jeweller is one of the leading ethical brands in Australia and has an impressive clientele. Their lab grown diamond infosportsworld wedding bands are crafted with attention to detail and are available in a variety of materials.

The Cullen Jewellery team takes pride in the quality of their products and their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the company launched a limited edition pendant collection to raise funds and awareness. For the occasion, the company donated a two-carat lab-grown diamond necklace in 18k yellow gold.

In the lab-grown diamond arena, the company has found that there is indeed a sweet spot. The best part is that the company has created a buzz within the industry, with many consumers being impressed by its plethora of ethically sourced products.

Economic sanctions diamond industry

The diamond industry has faced several challenges in recent years. A war in Ukraine has increased prices, and economic sanctions against Russia have slowed down supplies of natural diamonds. Consequently, consumers have turned to man-made options.

In response, some lab-grown diamond producers have cut prices to stay competitive. But while this may be a way to boost cash flow, it is not likely to make a difference in rough and polished diamond prices.

The US ban on Russian diamonds has heightened the appeal of synthetic stones, and some industry experts predict a spike in prices in the coming months. According to one analyst, it could jump by 15 to 25%.

In an effort to counter these rising costs, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee has urged its members to stop importing Russian diamonds. Alrosa, a Kremlin-controlled diamond miner, contributes nearly a third of the world’s supply of natural diamonds.

Similarity to naturally mined diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are created in a lab with some of the same processes as natural diamonds. They are graded using the same 4 Cs, and they have similar characteristics to real diamonds.

However, lab grown diamonds are not as expensive as natural diamonds. In fact, a one carat lab grown diamond costs up to 50 percent less than a comparable natural diamond. The difference in price is a result of the heavy costs involved in mining and cutting the stone.

In addition, the price of raw materials is also increasing. This could put pressure on the production cost. For example, the Rapaport List, an international benchmark, is updated weekly to reflect market conditions.


The process for creating a lab-grown diamond is not exactly the same as the natural process, but it is certainly as close as it comes. It has a similar chemical makeup to natural diamonds and is cut and polished like the real thing.

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