Juices (Vegetable and Fruit)

Perhaps our greatest authority on the subject of juicing is N. W. Walker, author of Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices. He died relatively recently, aged almost 120 years, having helped many people. He said, “By juicing the vegetables and fruits one is keeping the vitamin, mineral and fl uid content while discarding the fi ber. This means that the goodness of the alkaline vegetables or fruit can be assimilated by the body in about 15 minutes instead of hours mhtspace.”

Who would chew through ten raw carrots, fi ve sticks of raw celery, and two raw beets at one sitting anyway? You couldn’t. The juicing process also sets free a lot of the food value that can remain permanently locked up in those whole raw vegetables because their molecular structure is too complex. For instance, the vitamin A (beta-carotene) in carrots is not surrendered except in light steaming or juicing of the vegetable overallnetworth.

Juices are one of the best ways I know for bringing sick and depleted bodies back to health, and for the healthy to enjoy ever-increasing vitality. They are also important for growing children, especially for calcium intake. Live, organic fruit and vegetable juices supply us with organic vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are very easily assimilated by our bodies. It is preferable to have your own juicer and to use organic ripe fruits and vegetables — preferably locally grown and in season. However, other fruits are also highly recommended techybio.

The majority of the vitamin and mineral content of a fruit or vegetable lies just beneath its outer layer. It is vital, therefore, to juice the skin as well if it is organic. Also include the white pith, which is rich in immunostimulative chemistry. It is very important to chew the juices historyglow.

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