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How to use & clean a microwave oven?

clean a microwave oven

Cooking spaghetti in a microwave is simple and quick. However, for most of us, the most challenging aspect of cooking comes afterward.

Yes! We’re talking about how unsightly it may be to clean a microwave. As far as I’m concerned, cleaning a microwave isn’t tough. Clean your Microwave with a few simple materials. You can simply clean your Microwave using Lemon, vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and baking soda.

First of all, let’s talk regarding how often you must clean your Microwave.

It’s not necessary to do it every day. Microwaves may be kept clean by cleaning them once a week. Cleaning the Microwave will not only remove smeared food and unpleasant odors but will also increase its efficiency.

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How to Clean the Inside of the Microwaves?

For maximum efficiency, you should clean the inside of the Microwave. In addition, it will eliminate any unpleasant odor from the item as well as clean it. If you clean the Microwave on a regular basis, you may not need to scrub the interior.

Let’s get started immediately!

  1. Cleaning Microwave using Vinegar

Steam cleaning your microwave oven is another option.

  • You should pour equal water and vinegar inside a microwave-safe dish to clean the microwave oven. As for a deep clean, one cup of water and vinegar will do the job just well.
  • Now, cook the bowl for a total of 10 minutes on the stovetop. If your Microwave is filthy, you can modify the heating time.
  • Continue to let the solution rest for five more minutes.
  • Then, carefully remove the dish by opening the door.
  • Rub your Microwave with a sponge dipped in the hot vinegar-water solution.

You may also use a paper towel instead of a sponge if your Microwave doesn’t need to be thoroughly cleaned. Most importantly, Morphy Richards OTG Oven is getting highly popular for preparing several dishes easily.

  1. Cleaning Microwave using Lemon

Is your Microwave in need of cleaning with Lemon? It’s actually pretty simple. It’s easy to make your own with a lemon, some water, and a piece of fabric.

  • Then, add four slices of Lemon to a microwave-safe dish.
  • Verify that you squeezed the lemon juice before using it.
  • This solution should now be microwaved for three minutes at high power.


  • After the three minutes are up, do not immediately open the microwave door. Give it at least five minutes to settle. The food muck in the Microwave will be loosened.
  • Open the oven and carefully remove the bowl.
  • Afterward, remove the turntable and clean it.
  • The ceiling and sidewalls should also be cleaned using a cotton towel.
  • A last note: Be sure to clean your home’s floor and its inside doors as well! To remove a tough stain, soak a towel in lemon water solution and scrub it till it disappears.

Lemons contain citric acid, which kills germs and mildew in the Microwave and leaves a fresh citrus fragrance behind them.

  1. Cleaning the Microwave using Baking Soda

Baking soda paste can make it easier to clean your microwave oven if it is covered with grease stains.

  • Baking soda and water should be mixed in an appropriate quantity to produce a spreadable paste.


  • You can massage the paste with a cotton towel now. With the same cloth, you may also scrub it.
  • Finally, you’ll need to clean the interior of the Microwave with another moist towel.

To remove moisture from the Microwave’s inside, use a dry cotton towel.

Has your house been equipped with a multi-purpose OTG oven? These 4 microwave cleaning techniques may also be used to clean your USB-powered oven.

The microwave oven interior has been thoroughly cleaned. Now let’s move on to cleaning the microwave oven from the exterior.

  1. Cleaning Microwave using Dish Wash Liquid
  • A cup of water must first be boiled, and then the dishwashing liquid must be mixed in.


  • Drop a cotton cloth into the solution you’ve just made, and let it soak.
  • To guarantee that the cloth has fully absorbed the soapy solution, wait approximately 10 minutes after applying it.
  • Wash the fabric in soapy water for 10 minutes, then wring it out.
  • With the soapy towel, remove everything from the microwave oven.

This procedure may also be used to clean the exterior of the microwave oven if desired.

How to Clean Outside of the Microwaves?

As crucial as keeping the Microwave clean on the inside is keeping it clean on the outside. It’s also much easier to clean a microwave from the outside than from the inside.

As a bonus, it will add to the attractiveness of your kitchen. Cleanliness from the exterior, therefore, is of utmost importance. The Microwave is polished from the exterior when it is cleaned with a rag. A new look will be achieved by cleaning the Microwave from the outside in.


We have already described how to clean the exterior of the microwave oven using dishwashing liquid. Additionally, you may use a microwave oven cleaning to clean its outside.

Using a clean, soft cloth or sponge, spritz the cleaner directly on the surface. The towel may then be used to clean the Microwave’s outside. Avoid spraying the cleaner straight into the vent hole of the Microwave since some of it may get in.

Note that cleaning a microwave oven with a full-touch control panel is far easier than one with only a dial and tactile buttons on the control panel.

Besides that, OTG ovens are highly simple to clean.

Clean Your Microwave on a Regular Basis

You’ll find that cleaning your microwave oven more easily the following time you use it if you do it often.

Every week, make it a practice to clean the Microwave to prevent the buildup and accumulation of dirt. You’ll not only make your Microwave appear great, but you’ll keep hazardous bacteria and germs from building up within it.

Many foods attract germs when microwaved. When you clean your Microwave frequently, you may easily remove these pollutants. As you clean it periodically, it won’t take long. Try alternative microwave cleaning methods for a little bit of fun.


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