How to Maintain Competitive Environment in Remote Learning?

Now getting back to school doesn’t seem normal for students as it is not regular for students. The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, like interacting, learning, working, and more. However, the spread of the virus forced us to be locked inside the room and to maintain social distancing. 

Students are taking help from virtual learning platforms to keep their schedules and cover their syllabus. The pandemic effect is clearly visible across the globe and no countries safe themselves from its impact.  

Virtual learning platform helps the students to bring the school at your doorstep with the help of technology. Now the parents and teachers find the virtual learning platform more convenient and manageable. However, the online learning platforms have various advantages, while getting back to school is still not safe.

Some of the significant challenges in going back to school include strict monitoring during an examination. The situation is the same for school or any competitive exams. The students have been completely cut off from the competitive environment. However, there is always an exception, but many students will face this problem.

How to Maintain the Same Old School Exam Touch in Remote Learning?

Some of the latest systems to evaluate students are not exam-centric, but its approach remains the same. It can be beneficial in tracking student progress. However, people still find out the exam-centric approach more practical. The reason behind this is that it is the most manageable way to grade all students. Many apps for teaching online provide teachers with an option of automated checking of student’s answer sheets. 

Many online apps provide teaching aids readily available at your doorstep to avoid losing touch with the competitive environment. In simple words, you can prepare and solve the practice paper at your home.

How Online Teaching Apps Helps You in Not Losing the Touch with Exam?

Online teaching app provides the facilities to teachers and parents to stay connected. The teacher can provide you with all the previous questions in pdf to do the practice regularly. You must follow the below-mentioned rules to make the process easier for you :

  1.  Follow the time frame of examination while solving the mock papers
  2.  Keep your space personalized for study.
  3. Keep all the study materials near yourself 
  4. Set! Alarm so you don’t run out of time.

Ask Out Your Friends to Evaluate Your Paper?

Most of us find our last-minute teacher to discuss the concept with teachers. You must have your own group or a buddy who can look for everything. Students are always willing to pair with these students for any projects or assignments.

We suggest you ask them to evaluate your mock paper, and you can do the same for them. It will benefit you both and help build a sense of constructive competition between you both. It will be beneficial to be in such collaboration.

Be the Better Version of Yourself 

Some students find it challenging to complete the paper on time or answers all questions in the paper. There could be several reasons behind it. It could be a lack of preparation, anxiety. Whatever the reason might be, incomplete paper results in the deduction of marks.

Like every problem has a solution, there is a solution for this problem too. The best way to overcome this situation is to give a mock test. Mock tests are best to practice. It consists of questions similar to the question asked. It gives you an idea of the exam pattern, and it also lets you know how well prepared you are for your exam.

Try to give more and more tests. It will increase your speed and accuracy. Also, learn to manage time, try to complete your test in a given time duration.

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