Famous Tourist Attractions in Nanchang

Nanchang Uprising in 1927 is remembered by the ruling Communist Party as “firing the first gunshot against the evil Nationalists,” the city has been known as “the City of Heroes,” “the place where the People’s Liberation Army was born,” and “the place where the People’s Liberation Army’s military banner was first raised” since 1949. 

Nanchang is also a significant city, ranking among the top 200 cities in the world in terms of scientific research outputs, according to the Nature Index, and is home to Nanchang Institution, the city’s primary national university. Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, has many memorial halls, including the Memorial of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising and the BaDa Shanren Memorial Hall.  

Nanjing, as well as being China’s old capital, is home to several historical landmarks such as Qingyun Pu Garden and Tengwang Pavilion. You can pass the time by getting lost in this lovely city. Are you looking for the most refreshing getaways? Nanchang might be the one for your next getaway. Just book air china reservations online and save up to 40% on every flight. For your convenience, the following attractions have been listed with brief details. 

The Nanchang Uprising was commemorated on August 1st

The August 1 Nanchang Uprising Memorial Site is now a popular tourist destination in Nanchang. Every day, a large number of tourists attend to remember the importance of history. No matter when teams travel there, a free interpreter will be available at the museum to assist guests in better understanding the tale of the memorial and the revolt. However, if you go alone, the free interpreter will come once every half-hour to an hour.

 Mt Lushan has developed a highly aesthetically valued cultural vision intimately linked to the spirit of the Chinese people and their cultural life,” UNESCO declared in 1996 when Lushan Mountain was placed on the world heritage list. Due to its beautiful setting, it is now a well-known summer resort in China.

Tengwang Pavilion

Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion is one of China’s top “Three Grand Buildings of the South Yangtze,” together with Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and Yueyang Tower in Yueyan, Hunan Province. Wang Bo, a great poet in the early Tang Dynasty, composed the Teng Wang Attic, which made it well-known and more famous at the time. It was also the ideal site for local leaders to entertain guests for ages due to its exceptional location – directly on the east bank of the magnificent Gan River. It was also a location to keep and preserve books and documents, which is why it is known as the old library.

Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake is located in Jiangxi Province, on the Yangtze River’s south bank. It is China’s largest freshwater lake, as well as the country’s second-largest lake, after Qinghai Lake. The lake region encompasses Nanchang, Xinjian, Jinxian, Yugan, Boyang, Duchang, Hukou Jiujiang, Xingzi, Dean, and Yongxiu, as well as other Chinese cities and counties. 70% of the water area is in Jiujiang City’s territory, 20% in Shangrao City’s territory, and 10% in Nanchang’s territory. 

BaDa Shanren Memorial Hall

In Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China, BaDa Shanren Memorial Hall is located in Qingyun Pu Garden. It’s the first memorial hall devoted to an ancient artist in the world. It was originally the home of Ba Da Shanren – Zhu Da, a master of Chinese landscape painting during the early Qing Dynasty who lived in isolation to focus on his profession. The BaDa Shanren Memorial Hall is a memorial museum with a diverse collection of exhibits, research, and advocacy.

Shengjin Tower (Rope and Gold Pagoda)

Shengjin Tower is a classic Attic-styled bricky timberwork skyscraper. As the name implies, this tower looks to be a seven-story structure, but it really has one additional dark tier. The entire body was planned as a regular octahedron, with a pear-shaped copper top and seven eaves marked by blue bricks. There are four actual gates and four false entrances on each tier. 


You may see all of the key attractions, but now I’m sure that these destinations definitely inspired you and are craving a visit to explore these wonderful places. As of now every traveler feels the same. Mesmerized enough? Book your trip with AirlinesMap and customize your China travel package. Also, do let us know in the comment section below if you feel we missed any other great destination.

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