Fake Websites/Browsers


Typosquatting is the practise of putting up fake, fraudulent, or dangerous websites with URLs that are almost identical to those of well-known websites in the expectation that consumers would type them into their browsers by mistake. Keep your most often visited websites in your browser favourites rather than entering them into the URL box.

 الابتزاز الإلكتروني can be covered if identified and reported on time.


An internet marketing tactic known as mouse trapping is used to get visitors to visit a malicious website. Popup windows and “back” buttons may be disabled by the website. Most of the time, if not all, of your options are to restart your computer after a particular length of time has passed.


In the case of pagejacking, a search engine redirects consumers to a fake replica of a popular website, rather than the original. Upon arrival, viewers are often sent to new sites that include adverts and promotional offers. They may be malevolent or include improper information, such hate speech or pornography. If you any الابتزاز العاطفي problems, we can help you out of this.


It sends consumers from genuine sites to fake ones that monitor their personal data, such as credit card numbers and banking details. Pharmers employ a virus to trick computers into thinking a valid domain name is linked to a counterfeit website, which is exactly what they want. While some pharmers prefer to target individual machines, others prefer to attack the website’s server so that all visitors are redirected to a malicious version of the site.

Security Advice

Disabling javascript on your browser is a good way to prevent mousetracking. While certain functionalities on websites would be disabled, harmful scripts will not be able to capture people. Other options include using a script blocking add-on like as NoScript that allows users to choose which scripts to execute on each given website. The use of Favorites or Bookmarks may assist prevent pagejacking. These lists may also be used to navigate immediately to a reputable site if you’ve been redirected or stuck on a fraudulent page. On PCs, this may be done by hitting the control, alt, and delete keys at the same time; on Macs, this can be done by pressing Option, Command, and Escape. To manually terminate a process, use the computer’s Task Manager programme. Shutting down or restarting the computer may be all that is necessary to fix this if everything else fails.

Issues Associated with Online Shopping

Excessive Expenditure on Real Goods

In today’s world of internet shopping, it’s easy to get carried away and wind up spending more than you expected. Since most internet transactions are done with a credit card, this is particularly true

Excessive purchases of Virtual Goods.

In 2011, the market for “virtual commodities” — products and services that can only be found online — was worth $653 million. They include things like online game purchases, avatar upgrades, and faster level progress. Several of these products are also related to online gaming. Mobile app purchases are extremely popular on the internet.

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