Expert tips when using stickers for you packaging design

Product packaging can be complex, especially when you do not have in-house graphic or product designers. But fear not, we are here to help you elevate your product packaging and reach new customers with something super simple: stickers.  dumpor

Custom stickers are your flexible and effective branding solution, no matter your industry or budget. We have spoken to one of the top UK sticker makers and have collected three expert tips on how to use custom stickers for your packaging design. 

Are you ready to learn how to make your product packaging stand out? Then read on. 

1. Keep it simple 

When you create custom labels for your products, you are often working with a lot of information that has to fit into a limited space. It is only natural to want to include as many product features as possible. 

However, one of the most powerful concepts in design is white space. That means consciously leaving part of your labels and stickers blank. This not only gives your stickers a modern, sleek look but also ensures that the most important information can be seen and taken in by your customers. 

On top of that, you want to be sure that your text will print legibly. There is a really easy way to check this before sending your designs to print. Check the height of each individual letter, it should be at least 1.2mm which is about 8pt depending on the font you are F95forum using.

2. Switch it up regularly 

Product packaging plays a huge part in purchase decisions. Almost 70% of consumers say that their decisions are influenced by a product’s appearance – a great opportunity for you to put your products in the spotlight. 

However, even the best product packaging loses its effect once consumers get used to it. With custom stickers, you can avoid this. They make it super easy for you to regularly update your packaging design.

Don’t worry, we are not talking about a monthly re-brand from scratch. In fact, you should absolutely keep recognizable brand features like your logo and brand colours. But you can add themed or seasonal stickers, promotional labels or work with charities you really care about to create limited edition campaigns. 

Using stickers means you do not have to order custom printed packaging materials. You can simply use what you already have and level it up with changing stickers, for a fraction of the price. We love using vinyl-based waterproof stickers for this as they give your product the best look and they last for ages. 

3. Make use of the power of stickers 

Let’s look beyond the surface level of product packaging. Once your customers have purchased your product, the post-purchase phase begins. For years, the unboxing ttactics-process has been the most publicized and thought-after element of this. 

There is an extremely powerful way you can use stickers to level up your unboxing experience: add free stickers with every order. The beauty of stickers is that we perceive them as gifts, rather than advertising tools. 

Gifts immediately evoke positive emotions that are associated with your brand. On top of that, they play with a psychological reaction, the rule of reciprocity. According to this rule, receiving a gift ignites the subconscious need to return the favour in us. This can take the shape of a repeat purchase or even a well-meaning recommendation to a friend or colleague. 

Are you ready to make the power of custom stickers work for you? We hope you found these tips helpful and cannot wait to see what you will create next. If you have any questions or want to share additional tips, please leave us a comment in the section below. 

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