Diablo 2 Resurrected Gems Guide: Types, Effects & How To Use Them

Gems can improve your equipment even further. We explain to you which gems are available, how to remove them and what effects they have.

Apart from D2R runes and runewords, gems are among the most important items that you need for the further development of your character. You can use them in socketed items and enjoy magical additional effects.

What gems are there, how you use them and what kind of effects pop out – that’s what we’ll explain to you in this guide!

What types of gems in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

There are seven different types of gems in Diablo 2: Resurrected:








Each of these gems can be found in five different quality levels in the game world: damaged, faulty, normal, flawless and perfect. The higher the level, the greater the magical effect for your items. If you activate one of the gem shrines scattered around the world, either a new damaged gemstone is created or a gemstone that is already in your inventory is raised to the next higher level.

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How can I remove gems again?

After inserting them into an item, you can only remove gems with a special recipe for the Horadrim cube.

How can I upgrade gems?

In the event that you want to upgrade a gemstone, you are dependent on the good old Horadrim cube. Simply place three gems of the same value in the cube and the result is a stone of the next higher level. Example: 3 damaged emeralds result in 1 faulty emerald.

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Can I buy gems?

No, you cannot trade gems from regular dealers in the game, but you can buy Daiblo 2 Resurrected gems from reliable online store such as UTPLAY.COM. The only exception is a multiplayer game. Here it is possible that one of your fellow players has previously sold a gem to a dealer – this would then appear in his offer to you.

Can I combine gems with each other?

Yes, that is possible! You can stack three gems of the same type, roughly all of them put in a sword. Then you get the effects of all three stones. The first gem you place determines the color of the weapon. If you have socketed three gems with different types of damage, an effect is selected at random for each attack. For example, poison damage is displayed on the first hit, cold damage on the next and fire damage on the third

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