Custom Made Engagement Rings

If want to know the difference between lab diamonds vs real diamonds then you read the article. If you’re searching for a unique ring, why not have one custom-made? With complete control over the design and selection of metals and gemstones, you can create an exclusive piece.

Jewelry designers use advanced computer imaging and design technology to create a computer-aided design (CAD) of your ring. This enables you to view every detail, such as the stone shape and size, setting, and metal type that was requested.

Design Your Own Ring

Crafting an engagement ring for your beloved is one of the most romantic gestures you can do for them. It will demonstrate your devotion and thoughtfulness towards every detail.

Design your own ring to suit your style with the metal type, center stone and setting of your choice. Plus, add engraving of names, dates or meaningful phrases that are uniquely yours!

Furthermore, you have a wide range of gemstones to select from when creating your custom engagement ring. These may include mine-free diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and more for an exquisite touch.

Once you have an idea of your desired look, designers and jewelers can begin discussing it with you. They’ll provide design sketches and mock-ups that fit within your desired aesthetic, preferences and budget.

Pick Your Metals

When designing your custom made engagement rings, there are various metals to choose from. They differ in terms of durability, luster and cost.

Gold: Gold is the traditional metal choice for rings, being a soft and malleable metal that can be sculpted to create the ideal design. However, it is vulnerable to dents and scratches, so it should be protected with rhodium plating in order to prevent it from tarnishing.

Platinum: Referred to as “white gold” of the jewelry world, platinum is a high-shine metal that doesn’t need rhodium plating and is hypoallergenic. It also has an even color and sheen which magnifies diamonds set within it.

Silver: Silver is a classic option, being malleable and inexpensive. It can be shaped to create the ideal ring with any design desired. Unfortunately, silver tarnishes more quickly than other metals and requires an added rhodium dip for protection against scratches.

Other less traditional engagement ring options include tungsten carbide, titanium and stainless steel. These materials tend to be more affordable than gold and can be shaped to create a custom engagement ring design that complements her style.

Select Your Gemstones

Gemstones make excellent engagement rings due to their range of colors that can convey both personal and romantic significance. Some gemstones are associated with specific birthstones or significant moments, while others symbolize new beginnings and growth.

Red rubies signify passion and dark blue sapphires symbolize loyalty. Green gemstones signify growth and vitality, while orange stones bring warmth and vitality.

Emeralds are a timeless choice for engagement rings, though these vibrant green stones come in an array of hues too. Rated between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, these gemstones are hard and long-lasting.

Morganites are another popular option, featuring soft pink hues reminiscent of rose quartz. Though more expensive than emeralds, Morganites boast an incredible 9.5 on the Mohs scale which means they will resist wear and tear well.

Get a Quote

Custom made engagement rings can be challenging to get a quote for. While many online diamond retailers provide ring-builder tools that let you customize your ring, these usually have limited options and options which could prevent you from creating something truly unique.

CustomMade jewelry consultants begin by conducting a style questionnaire with you to get an understanding of what kind of ring design you have in mind. They may also inquire about the diamond and gemstone types that should be included in the design.


Next, they’ll have a CAD designer create a 3D model of your ring design and diamond(s). This is an invaluable tool for visualizing how it will appear from various angles and ensuring that the final product meets all expectations.

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