Comparing Mendix Vs OutSystems Vs Wavemaker

There are many things to consider when comparing enterprise systems like Mendix vs outsystems vs powerapps vs wavemaker pricing. For one thing, they all claim to be best in class while not giving any real information about what they have to offer. In fact, some of their demos show off more than one interface, each with its own functions, yet when it comes down to it, the two systems work very similar. It becomes pretty difficult which one you should actually choose.

Small and medium size

So what makes these systems so popular among small and medium size businesses? Why do people still choose them over the others? Well, first of all, both of the systems have one thing in common; they allow business owners to create a fully functional enterprise system that can be easily customized according to the needs of the business. The first difference between the systems is that OutSystems focused on letting people create a customized, web-based control panel for the company’s servers while Benefits of RAD Platform is more geared towards being more scalable and flexible while allowing people to manage servers themselves. These are the two core differences.

What most people would find out though, is that both of these businesses are able to provide the same type of functionality for their customers. The biggest different between the two though is that OutSystems gives better functionality at a lower price. OutSystems would require a monthly fee to use its online server management platform while Mendix allows for unlimited access to their server via a web browser. So which would be the better choice, enterprise application modernization? The answer to this question would depend on how a company would use its system and how much they want to spend on their IT management.


Mendix is the clear choice here simply because of its affordable monthly fee and its vast amount of features. With Mendix you can manage multiple servers via a single console, which can save a business a great deal of time and money in the long run. As a business grows, this can lead to many issues with time allotment, resources and so forth. However, Mendix’s time management system and other management tools work well to keep things under control and allow a business to grow at a steady pace. If you have hundreds of sites and need to manage them all via a single system then you might find yourself paying an arm and a leg each month to maintain these sites via your IT support team.


On the other hand, OutSystems gives a business owner plenty of options in terms of what type of system they can manage themselves. With the web based interface you can get a better view of your entire server than you would from an Mendix based console. You can see the load on particular servers and you can fine tune the services being provided via this interface in order to make sure that your site is always running smoothly. As a business grows, you will likely have more servers and you might want to consider investing in Mendix vs outsystems vs powerapps vs wavemaker pricing for your entire company.

With Mendix you are restricted to how you can use the management tools that are available through their web based interface. If your business grows and you need to hire additional staff or add new sites to the service then you will have to spend more money on added hardware in order to manage it all yourself. On the other hand, with Wavemaker you don’t have to worry about this as it’s easy to expand your business just by adding more pages and more features to the service itself.

If your business has just started up and is a small business with no previous experience in this field then you may have to purchase some add-on services or add-on licenses to your service in order to be able to manage the various aspects of the web based Mendix service. In most cases, this will be minimal and the fees associated with these add-ons will be much less than what it would cost to hire additional staff to handle these activities for your business. However, if you have experience in this area and have a lot invested into your Mendix system then you can spend more money and take advantage of the management tools that are available.

The primary deciding factor in which one company to purchase your web based application is based on what your business needs are. OutSystems has a great deal less features than Mendix and is far more flexible in their licensing terms. They also have a great deal cheaper pricing and do not charge very high fees for upgrades or add-on licenses. Although, there are definitely some similarities between the two companies, they are very different in their purposes and pricing and are definitely worth considering for your own business needs. Hopefully this information helps you make an informed decision about which company to purchase your website building tools from.

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